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Privacy Policy

We hold user account, roster, connection information for our service.

We will not disclose these information, and we will not do any other behavior that would compromise your privacy and security, except as otherwise requested by domestic law of Japan.

User profile information(vcard) is intended to be published. Therefore, it will be publish.

MUC conversation will be publish by default. If you are admin of MUC room and you don't want to publish MUC conversation, please change room configration(logging: off)

Service Policy

  • We make efforts to provide secure and stable XMPP service.
  • You can use the XMPP service for free, forever(as long as the survival of the project).
  • We will send announce message to online users if we need server maintenance.
  • We may send ads to online users(about once a month).
  • Maximum number of Offline messages is up to 300.