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7 May 2017 Server Changes

  • Disable Non-TLS connection.
  • Please use secure StartTLS conection.

  • Disable in-band resistration
  • We disable XMPP in-band registration due to it's may become spammer hotbed. Now we accept web resistration only.

17 Feb 2016 Server maintenance

Security Update(CVE-2015-7547)

Enable Carbon copy feature(XEP-0280)

Enable pubsub and user tune.

New: Password recovery feature

We often receive mail that "I forgot password".

But we couldn't recovery user account due to we can't verify identification.

Now, you can register email address for password recovery.

We recommend register your email address If you are forgetful.

Of course, We never use the your email address except for password recovery purposes.

New: User dashboard

You can control your account via web.

2015/1/3 WEB site became Full SSL.

XMPP.JP became perfect HTTPS Site.

No one access http insecure site.

2015/12/13 Updated SSL Certificate

2015/10/26 Disabled SSLv3

Our XMPP server disabled SSLv3 and some weak ciphers.

This server became the highest grade security.

See score

2015/01/20 resolved delay issue

This server had issue that delay communication with other jabber server such as

Today, this issue was fixed!

Thank you!

2015/01/02 Updated SSL Certificate

2014/12/15 Web client support HTTPS

Now our Web-based XMPP client support HTTPS.